• Lincoln School is one of six schools within the Kingsburg Community Charter District. 

      The school serves all of the 2nd and 3rd grade students (approximately 400 students) in the community. This unusual grade level alignment solves many problems experienced by other districts and provides countless opportunities for grade level cooperation.

      The population served by Lincoln School is diverse and changing. Prior demographic stability has been impacted with the influx of new residents. Lincoln School has been exemplary in meeting the needs of students in an increasingly successful manner, despite expanding challenges and pressures in a changing region and society. Our school's success stems from capitalizing on a District aura of trust, integrity and cooperation cultivated over many years between various elements of our community and school.

      In 2005, Lincoln School was recognized as a regional nominee in the California Distinguished School Recognition Program and in May of 2006, after again being nominated, became a California Distinguished School. One of the shining examples of educational progress at Lincoln is the new Computer Lab/Library Media Center and computers in each of our classrooms.

      A professional staff and positive community blend together to create a dynamic school often described as full of vitality and energy by visitors and parents. Parents are often heard saying that they are either moving to Kingsburg or have moved to Kingsburg because of its schools.