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Foggy Day Information

We will experience foggy weather conditions during the winter months that will create serious transportation safety problems for our school district.

A decision to call a foggy day schedule will be made by 6:20 a.m. The information will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate news media, added to our local fog phone number 897-3571, and updated on the district website. Once our buses are rolling, we will not call a Foggy Day schedule because there will be students at bus stops waiting, and we cannot communicate with them about changes in schedules.

Please note:

Please bring your child(ren) to school as soon as you feel it is safe.

Instruction will begin at 9:45 a.m. on Foggy Day Schedule regardless of Bus Run Plan A, B, or C. (The District cannot assume responsibility for your child on foggy day if he/she is dropped off at school prior to 9:15 a.m.)

  • Plan A – Buses will be delayed two (2) hours. Including School to School shuttle service.
  • Plan B – Buses will be delayed three (3) hours. School to School shuttle service will remain on a 2 hour delay (weather permitting)
  • Plan C – AM Buses will be canceled for all stops except School to School shuttle service, they remain on a 2 hour delay (weather permitting). If buses are canceled, school will still be in session. It will become your responsibility as a parent or guardian to transport your child(ren) to school or call and verify the child’s attendance.


In the event that a foggy day occurs on a scheduled minimum day, the minimum day schedule will remain in effect.

Communications to announce or update a foggy day schedule will be handled through various news media sources. We will be identified as "KINGSBURG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT.” Kings River-Hardwick, Kings River-Kingsburg, and Kingsburg High School are separate school districts calling their own foggy day conditions and should not be confused with ours. Before calling a foggy day schedule, we check the conditions of several areas throughout the district and consult with our high school and surrounding districts.

The following news media sources and website will be utilized: TV Channel #18, TV Channel #30, TV Channel #24, TV Channel #47

The foggy day schedule is posted on the district website: and on Southwest Transportation’s website:

We will always transport children home regardless of what plan we are observing in the morning. Please make arrangements to adjust your schedules to reflect these changes for safety. Transport or send students who normally walk at the latest possible moment before 9:45, while still keeping safety in mind. Breakfast will be served on foggy day schedules. Lunch will be adjusted to schedule differences.

Please call 897-3571 after 6:20 AM each morning on potentially foggy days for the latest fog schedule status. Please retain this phone number for future reference. Even though fog is inconvenient for all of us, please know that student and employee safety is of the utmost importance, and safety governs all foggy day decisions. As parents, if you feel that it is not safe to drive your students to school, you may keep them home until you feel it is safe to transport them to school. The schools will not consider students as “tardy” on Foggy Days. If you decide to bring your student to school later on foggy days, please advise the office staff at your student’s school. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to call any of the offices in the district. Thank you for your assistance. We appreciate your continued support of our schools.