• Roosevelt School Playground Rules
    Rough play often leads to accidents and loss of temper. Play fighting, tackle football, crack the whip, karate kicking are examples of rough play leading to problems and are not allowed;

    Students are to keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.

    No throwing anything, especially rocks.

    No food, gum or drinks are allowed on the playground.

    Swings-count to fifty (back and forth or each time shoes come to you is one) Do not count on a person who has counted on you, count on someone else. Swing back and forth, no twisting around or jumping from the swings.

    No climbing up slides

    On the top of the slide, sit down and slide without stopping

    No jumping off the equipment

    Slide line - needs to stay at the top of the slide until the other students are on the ground

    No playing tag on the equipment

    Walk on the cement. No running around the cement / blacktop areas
    No playing in the bathrooms, hallways, at drinking fountains or between the buildings.

    Students are not to wait by the cafeteria door for friends.

    Only 4 students will be allowed in the bathroom at a time.

    Students are to use the restroom and get a drink before the bell.

    Once bell rings, all students are to line up and place their own hands behind their back. Once all kids are lined up, teachers and aides will escort to class.