• Dear Parents:
    EZSchoolPay.com is a service offered to help both schools and parents.  It helps your student to receive his/her school meals quickly and  without interruption of service.
    You can use EZSchoolPay.com to make pre-payments to your student’s school meal account anytime using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card (credit or debit). 
    You can also monitor your student’s meal account balance online -- updated as often as every ten minutes!
    Other abilities include online history of your student’s meal activity, and low-balance email alerts.  These abilities are free to the parent!
    Online meal payments are available to your student within minutes!
    (schedule is dependent on the school procedures and the meal accounting system used).
    We encourage you to take advantage of this service. It will give you peace-of-mind knowing your student will receive the meals he/she needs without interruption.
    Payments can be added to your student’s account anytime, whether it’s 11:00 PM or 30 minutes before the lunch bell.
    You can feel safe knowing that all transactions are secure.  The website is built using 128-bit digital encryption, providing maximum protection of your credit card information.