• Dear Parents,

    In ELA we are studying words and their Greek and Latin word roots to help us uncover the meaning of other words that contains these roots.  For example, anti- means opposite or against, and we can use this to uncover the meaning of antonyms- words that are opposite, antibiotics- medicine that fights against disease, etc…  Students are also working on independent projects of their choice that show their comprehension of our novel, Indian in the Cupboard.  Ask your child about what they have chosen.  Projects are due Monday, March 31st. 

    In math we are continuing our studies of geometry and measurement.  Last week students learned how to use a protractor to draw and measure angles.  We also discovered the different classifications of quadrilaterals.  This week we will look closer at the different types of triangles, angle measures in triangles and quadrilaterals, as well as solid 3D shapes.

    In Science, students have explored the concept of conservation of mass.  We learned that in a chemical reaction, new substances form, but these substances are not new matter.  The same atoms in the reactants are still present in the products.  They’re just combined in different ways.  Ask your child about the experiment with the balloon and antacid tablet, and the mass that we took before and after the reaction.

    In Social Studies, students will be using the library and computers to research specific facts for their State Report.  

    Congratulations to the following students who made 100% or more of their AR goal this past trimester:  Ezra, Cambria, Ryan, Tyler C., Marissa, Kendall, Taryn, Noah, Abigail, Destiny, Dustin, Brittney, Morgan, Nina, James, Nicole, Kirsten, Logan, Hunter, Nathan, Blake, Tyler V., Maci, and Connor.  We celebrated with a pizza party last week.

    This week, on Thursday, March 27th, we will be walking to Park Kingsburg.  Students will be reciting our poem about the flag, singing the Star Spangled Banner, and sharing our Flag essays that we wrote.  We will also visit with the senior citizens.  If you can make it on Thursday, please fill out the bottom portion of the note.  Hope you can join us!